It all started with our love for artisanal doughnuts. In all our travels to different cities across different continents, we make it a point to visit doughnut shops and sample their various flavors. We were fascinated by how this simple pastry can turn into something uniquely creative and delectable. What began as a favorite travel activity has become our business. We got the idea to create our doughnut shop called DROP BY DOUGH. We launched DROP BY DOUGH on December 10, 2019.

Our inspiration for our shop name, DROP BY DOUGH, is a combination of "drop by” which is another word for “visit”, and “dough”, the very foundation of a doughnut. At DROP BY DOUGH, you may come and sit leisurely, enjoy the ambiance or have conversations with friends or loved ones while enjoying a cup of coffee and savoring our many doughnut offerings.

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Our doughnuts with uniquely combined flavors set us apart. Aside from being handmade with love and care, our baking team is skilled in every process of doughnut-making - from mixing, kneading, and rolling the dough to cutting them one by one by hand. We are committed to producing always-fresh, creative, and flavourful doughnuts. Our DROP BY DOUGH team operates state-of-the-art doughnut equipment while employing locally sourced and imported high-quality natural ingredients to ensure top-notch flavor and taste.

Our creativity was put into motion while coming up with our maiden menu, which eventually became our signature flavors. We came up with Raspberry Rose, Classic Vanilla, Nutella & Hazelnut, and Kyoto Matcha Almond, all handcrafted with the best ingredients to produce a remarkable flavor profile. Then followed our other best selling flavors, which are truly delectable and unforgettable.


At DROP BY DOUGH, you are always welcome to dine in a cozy and inviting space where each of our baked treats is made and served. Our interior design has a Scandinavian feel, inspired by our travels in the region. We discovered that the homes, buildings, and museums in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden feature straight lines, curves, and geometric shapes while emphasizing the harmonious use of natural materials.

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